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Home and slowly integrating it all

It seems that I find myself back here every so often having had a BIG experience. Last week was certainly that. I attended the BCANDS Indigenous Disability Canada’s 2022 Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering in Victoria, BC. It was three intense days of presentation, mostly done ‘fireside chat/panel’ style. The beauty of this way of Read More

Sunday thoughts about Just-In-Time learning

My fella and I were having a conversation about the state of things this morning (as we often do), talking about some of the systemic choices that have led us to where we are right now as a community, as a culture and our places with COVID-19. In among all of that was embedded the Read More

Reflections on Online Learning

Well, I’ve missed you.The last six (or so) months has been a really intense, very contemplative time. I’m both learning online (in the MALAT program) and teaching online (in my job for Selkirk). Doing both at the same time has really been enlightening – looking in one direction as a student and the other as Read More

Wooden desk in the sun, red walls behind. Two computer monitors, keyboard and books and papers strewn across the desk. Sun streaming in, filtered through the large leaves of a night blooming cereus plant. Small orchid and coffee cup on desk with all the clutter.

Productivity While Working at Home in a Rapidly Changing Time

I don’t know how it’s felt for you, but for me the last few weeks have been a blur of change. I’ve been here 10 days now, physically distancing, and doing my best to balance work with my home life, my worries with my gratitude. This time hasn’t been as productive as I’ve wanted it Read More

edge stitched to mask with nose piece in place.

Pleated Style Hand-made Mask for COVID-19

(Obligatory statement: These are not meant to be a perfect replica of an N95 mask. They’re my attempt at making something useful in times of change, and my sharing it here is to help others who are interested in making masks, too. Please know that these will not take the place of careful hygiene, hand Read More

Sample Home-Sewn Mask in Light of COVID-19

(Obligatory statement: This is not a medical grade mask. It is an attempt at making something that will be useful for a trip to the grocery store. Please continue to hand wash, to social distance, and to stay home as much as possible – that’s how we’re really going to slow this thing!) So, the Read More

Fabric choices for home-sewn masks in light of COVID-19

Well, I haven’t found myself writing a tutorial in a long time. Drew got me going with researching fabrics and patterns after he came across some good information about home-sewn masks. Earlier today I posted a little experimentation done with fabrics to ensure that they can be sterilized – you can find that post below. Read More

New Adventures

Well, I’ve stepped into the woods. Or jumped in the deep end. Or fallen down the rabbit hole. I’ve started a Master’s Degree. This might be one of the last posts I write like this – in my slippers, with my jammies on, without the trepidation of being graded – but I hope not. I’ve Read More

Line drawing of a young woman holding a cat


Well. This has been a bit of a whirlwind of a month! I’m so excited to be talking about this. We have been working quietly in preparation (with our fingers crossed that it would all come together) of this: My colleague Jane and I will have the opportunity to share the SPECTRUM course on behalf Read More

Pexels stock photo - photo of a person drawing a green and brown bird.

A year ago, today and a little about being present.

This past week has marked a year since I was in France, with Nomadways, working with an amazing and inspiring group of people talking and learning about storytelling. At the outset of the residency, we were each given a small notebook to keep track of our days, make notes, write, draw and dream in. I Read More

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