Picture taken out of airplane window of clouds from above.

Update from the bucket brigade…

I’ve been back in Canada a little over a week now, settling in to regular life again with a few bumps along the way – the biggest one being that my basement has been taking on water for 8 days now.  Crazy. I’ve got a sump-pump running down there to keep things as dry as […]

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Post Bernay-en-Ponthieu

I’m here, settled back in the apartment with Mom in Paris.  It’s been a whirlwind. The time in Bernay has been full of all kinds of growth and change – much of it will take time to really understand and articulate. We did more in a day than I could ever have imagined and the […]

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Postcard image of elderly woman wearing many coats, leading sheep.

The Shepherd

A couple of days ago we were asked to take an image of a traditional character (from existing stories that was brought by another residency participant) without knowing what the original story of that character was. The criteria was to change the gender of the character in some way, and to choose one other thing […]

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Stone walls and brick doorway in Rural French barn

Day 5 commences…

This morning our first job was to re-imagine a fairy tale from the perspective of a different character. We were assigned our tale and broken into groups. We had a chance to discuss things, then we headed off to different corners to write our tales. This is mine: As a young child, she was abandoned […]

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Day 4 in Bernay-en-Ponthieu with Stories We Tell

Each day is packed with activities alternating with delicious food (- did I mention the food?). This morning we did a bit of a longer exercise than many we have done so far. We went out in groups of 3 to explore the village, returning to expressing our own story embedded somehow in the local […]

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March – in Like a Lion

I am here in the North of France, in Bernay-en-Ponthieu, with Nomadways in a two week residency with 20 other people from all around the world exploring storytelling. We began in earnest yesterday morning – the days are packed with different activities, and punctuated with delicious food. I can safely say that I have never, […]

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Looking forward, looking back

It’s been an unusual winter for me. I’ve had several shifts in my health over the last couple of months which have precipitated long stretches of sitting/laying on the couch. I’ve been doing some drawing, trying to keep up with contracts, but in all honesty it’s been difficult to get it all done.  Anyone who […]

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Big news!

I’ve been sitting on this since Sunday.  I’ve been accepted to join an artist residency in France in February/March 2017 in Bernay en Ponthieu with Nomadways.eu for a workshop by the name of Stories We Tell:  Stories We Tell will invite artists and youth workers from various corners of Europe to meet and exchange on […]

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Update from Pass Creek

Good morning. I’ve been home getting stronger after a hernia repair operation – and have been very good (not lifting or doing more than I should as things heal).  It’s pretty hard for me to sit still at the best of times, let alone when I’m supposed to!  Subsequently, I’ve been doing quite a bit […]

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