The myriad of ways

I use visuals in my everyday life.

There is a huge piece of paper on the wall of my bedroom that I change every 3 months or so – during the 3 months it’s up, it’s fair game for all kinds of personal planning and processes.

I’ve included a little picture here of one quadrant of it, part of the packing list for my trip to Terrace last week. The pieces you can’t see are visual agendas including the weather forecasts.

I started doing this as a way to keep my self focused on using visuals in meaningful ways in my own life. The added bonus is that it’s a good spot to use old backing paper from previous projects, and pens that are on their last legs (ones that I’d never take to an actual recording session at this point). It’s also a blame/criticism-free place to take risks with drawing, with planning. I’ve been doing it for about a year consistently.

(this is where I confess that I was one of those kids who always drew in her notebooks at school)

The reality for me is that I think better this way. If I can ‘see’ it, then I can make a plan come to fruition.

And I rarely forget something important when I’m packing.




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