Comic book playground

Comics and graphic stories are endlessly fascinating to me. Periodically I’ll produce a body of work, generally for my own enjoyment and occasionally for others. As you’ll see below I like to work both analogue (with pen and ink) and digitally (generally with Procreate on iPad).

January – May of 2023 – I participated in an introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels course through Selkirk College. It helped add some scholarship to my thinking and expanded the way that I look at my own and others’ comics. I’ve included a couple of the comics produced during that time here, along with some one-pagers completed during 2023:

Ferry, sometime in 2021

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Cartoon image of Lisa looking worried, with a speech bubble containing squiggly lines and a question mark. Behind her are many cars and trucks in a haze. Bottom part of image is Bill Murray in silhouette on an orange background, the colour of Lisa's car.

In October of 2016 I participated in a comic book writing course through Kadenze, from the California College of Art and Design. It was an interesting exercise in the basics of comic book writing. Below are a few of my efforts from the coursework. Please note that the photo gallery plugin is not working the way I would like it to – so if you click on one of the images to see a large version, you may have to use your browser ‘back’ button and navigate back to this page.

Hour long comic

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The task here was to show a one page comic the passage of time - one hour of time. I elected to reminisce about the boys being tiny, about coaching them to sleep. Oh, and having dogs.


I’ve done other comic book work over the years, one of my favorite ones was done in 2015. It’s the story of finding the functioning shower at a music festival (one that I used to work at each summer). Doing this set of drawings was, for me, about creating mood, opening up space in the comic, and exploring the idea of autobiography in comic storytelling. These pages were drawn old-school style with pencils, then scratch/dip pen for the inking before scanning individually. If it drives you crazy to try to view through the below viewer, I’ve also added it to issuu for public viewing. It can be found here.

Clean - with light table

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My light table set up has been a bit idiosyncratic at times - pictured here as a piece of Plexiglas balanced between a chair and trunk, with a table lamp underneath as light source.