Graphic Recording

This is a small, but broad, overview of some graphic recording work I’ve been involved in.

You’ll notice below that some graphics are very finished looking and others are very rough. This is because of the type of planning process the images were produced in. I can create finished-looking images (product images) that can be used in reports or communications, or can be displayed as finished artifacts of planning processes. I can also create less polished images (process images) that capture what is happening in the moment. These are typically internal documents, ones that an agency may use in better understanding their people, their process, or their direction. This second category is less likely to be used in a ‘finished art work’ kind of way. Both types of images are valuable for their own reasons. Let me know if you’d like to discuss what might work best for you.

Much of the work that I do with different organizations is private, proprietary, or otherwise covered by non-disclosure or confidentiality. This is a very small sampling of the work I’ve been involved in since 2010.