Scavenger Hunt Story

We did this workshop in the afternoon of the first day in Stories We Tell with Nomadways. It was on the schedule as ‘team building’ – it was, and so much more. The charm of this was being in a country that was not my own, in a sweet and bucolic small town steeped in history. We explored and wandered, talked to local people and asked them what must have seemed like very strange questions. I worked with a lovely group composed of people from far-flung places, and didn’t know the second half of the workshop when we embarked on the first.

Scavenger Hunt Story

Materials needed: pens/pencils and paper enough for all groups

Time: 3.5 hours broken into 1.5 hours for Part 1, .5 hour break, 1.5 hours for Part 2.

Participants: groups of 3

Part 1: Groups go into the community looking to find:

  • 3 words from signs
  • 3 birds
  • on type onion, one type potato
  • time of day
  • colour lipstick
  • 2 brands food
  • 3 items from hardware store
  • name of planet or star
  • name of dead politician
  • name of book or story
  • speech of a child


Part 2: (time for this is flexible based on how many groups will be presenting) : Groups co-create a story incorporating ALL the things/words found on the scavenger hunt. Stories can be written for text, performance, or whatever media the group would like.

Groups present their stories.

Discussion: Take time to explore what this process was like for the participants.




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