The snow has found us

Working on the ShowerQuest comic in 2015

I’m looking out today over the beginning of winter – in earnest – here. Snow has been falling all day, and although it probably won’t stick, it’s a sign that the weather is changing. The next few months will be about staying warm, about moving snow.

I’ve been home for the last two weeks. I had surgery for a hernia two weeks ago today (which is healing very well) which has necessitated a slower lifestyle. If you know me well, you know I’m not all that good at moving slowly! It’s been good, though, to spend time concentrating on enough sleep, good nutrition and careful movement. It’s helped to keep me mindful in ways that I forget about when my body does what I expect it to. I’m grateful each day for my ability to move, that I live here in Canada where my finances are not devastated by my health. I’m grateful, too, that I’ll be strong before it’s time to really SHOVEL any of that snow.

It’s been a good day for work here today. This little website continues to evolve – and today brought the answers to some photo gallery plugin struggles. If you were to click on ‘Illustration’ today you would find that there are two little galleries of work there on the Comic Book Playground page. 

I love everything about making comics. I love that there is literally no limit to the type of story you can tell, that it appeals to such a wide audience, that it takes into consideration such a wide variety of literacy levels. So far, I really dig black and white. Pen work using a scratch pen and ink is my all time favorite way of bringing stories to life. 

Thank you for all your patience as the site comes together. Today will see the addition of more photo sets to the pages. Now where did I file all those photos?

Until next time – cheers.


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