Universal Experiences -and graphic recording

Breastfeeding Mom and Baby Breastfeeding Mom and BabyI had the distinct pleasure this past few weeks to do a variety of graphic recording work for a few different groups – the most recent was a group in Castlegar looking to improve the supports in their area for breastfeeding parents. I got to work with my frequent collaborator, Jane Green, who facilitated the session. 

This opportunity was different than many, and would probably be better described as illustration work. The clients in this case were not looking for on the spot graphic recording, but needed a frame in which to capture their ideas and organize their thoughts. Jane designed the frame to match the process they were working on, and I drew it up. 

It was so much fun to draw breastfeeding moms! It reminded me of my experiences with nursing, so many years ago now. I posted these two little pictures on my social media sites, and was quite pleasantly surprised with the responses – the pictures touched other people’s memories, too. That’s the redeeming thing about social media – the connectivity, tying in to universal human experiences. 

The posts sparked off some compelling conversations about the universality of parenthood – the idea that all people who become parents share the experience, but no two people – not even in the same family! – have exactly the same experience. Breastfeeding is a similar thing. Talk to anyone who did it, or who knows someone who did it, and, while the themes that develop are similar, the stories are delightfully distinct. 


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  1. Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku says:

    I am noticing that your images do not have alt tags, or captions.

    1. Lisa says:

      Good point, Jigme. I’ll take care of that.

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