Looking out / Looking in

We used this exercise with Nomadways to jump-start our reflective processes and get us in the learning/analyzing/critical thinking mindset.

Looking out / Looking in:

Materials needed: paper, pens 

Time: 1 hour with a large group. Final discussion time can be shorter with a smaller group.

Participants: pairs, sitting facing each other with writing/drawing surface between them

1st round: 20 minutes
     10 minutes: Participants draw each other without talking .
     10 minutes: Participants trade images and write (on separate paper) in response to either:
      What do you see as you look at the drawing? or
      How does it feel to be scrutinized?

2nd round: 20 minutes
     10 minutes: Participants draw themselves. The images can be literal or fantastic and non-literal 
     10 minutes: Participants reflect on their own drawing on separate paper, in response to the same questions as in the 1st round.

Discussion: 20 minutes

     Participants post their images and write-ups (as they are comfortable) in collage on a wall or table surface. Participants explore as a group their responses and experience. 



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