Two energizer activities from Stories We Tell

While we were in Bernay-en-Ponthieu we did a variety of different energizer-style activities at different times to perk us up or shift the energy of the room.

It’s high time I put some here, wouldn’t you say?

The first one was offered up by Meriç:

‘The sun shines on…’

This game is very similar to ‘musical chairs’. The group is arranged in a circle, one less chair than the number of participants. The chairless participant stands in the middle of the circle and says: “The sun shines on [anyone wearing black/with blue eyes/in love/who skipped breakfast]”. Anyone to whom the criteria applies tries to change seats – and the participant who was in the middle tries to acquire a seat. The new person in the middle chooses their own ending to the phrase, “The sun shines on….” 

The game continues until you collapse from laughter, or you run out of time.

The next energizer was offered up by Bogdan. He called it:


The group divides into pairs. One person holds their hand up, palm out, and the second person holds their face about 20 – 30 cm away from their palm. When the facilitator starts the exercise, the first person moves their hand, the second person has to attempt to keep their face the same distance from their palm. Switch so that both people have a chance to experience both roles.

Round two: the group redivides into threes. One person holds out both hands, palms out. The two other participants hold their faces about 20 – 30 cm away from each of their hands. When the facilitator starts the round, the first person moves both hands, the other two people attempting to keep their faces the same distance from their palms. Switch so that each person has an opportunity to experience the role of leader and the role of follower.

Round three: still in the same group of three. The group decides on a dominant hand. Each of the three people holds up the dominant hand, palm out. Each person holds their face 20 – 30 cm from another person’s hand.  Once the facilitator starts the round, each person is simultaneously following and leading until the facilitator calls time.

Let me know if you use any of these – I’d be glad to hear the context and how it went for you. Also – Bogdan and Meriç – I’d love to link you into this post. Shoot me a note privately and I’ll get you linked up 🙂



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