Two more energizers

Further to last post, I thought I could include a couple more ways to get a group moving:

Silvia‘s energizer was fun and got us moving. I don’t know what to call it and so name it:

Silvia’s energizer

The group stands. Starting with one arm, shake it vigorously while counting to 16. Switch to other arm, shake and count to 16. One leg, shake and count to 16, other leg, shake and count to 16.

Without pause, start again with the first arm, shaking and counting to 8. Repeat the order you shook the limbs the first time, counting each one to 8.

Repeat the whole thing with counting to 4 , then to 2, then 1.

Hilarious. Fun. Seriously gets blood flowing and can be done from seated position if needed.

Nilay’s energizer

Nilay asked us to express emotions with parts of our body that we might not normally show them.

We started in a circle. 

She asked us to show:

  • Happiness with our fingers
  • Excitement with our hair
  • anxiety with our arms.

at this point people in the group started volunteering different options. It was fun, and it made us think about ways that we express ourselves through movement.

Again, if these prove useful to you please let me know how it worked out and what kind of context you were working in – this stuff is fascinating to me!

Also, Silvia and Nilay – I’d love to link you in  most effectively. Let me know the best way to do that 🙂

Until next time,


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